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In your own voice! Baby birth announcements with a voice!

If you have questions, check our FAQ to see if they are answered here. For additional assistance, email us at We'll be happy to answer your questions!

General questions about GooGooGram

What's the price for GooGooGram's services?
For $24.95 you get our complete package that includes one recorded voice announcement, one-time automated calling of everyone on your phone list, the email notification, your online birth announcement and guestbook, plus one keepsake CD-ROM.
I'm worried about giving out my family and friends' emails and phone numbers. What will you do with their information?
We respect your privacy and theirs! GooGooGram only uses the personal information of those on your email and phone lists to provide the services you've requested. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.
Do I need to use all 25 phone numbers and 50 email addresses?
No. You can use as few as you wish. Since you can include up to 25 phone numbers on your call list, GooGooGram helps you contact more people with your baby news right away than you may have had time to do on your own.
Why would I want to use GooGooGram's email notification feature when I can just email everyone myself?
The unique benefit of using our email feature is that it directs people to your online birth announcement where they can hear your voice message, and directs them to your online guestbook where they can post a message to you and read messages from others. Having a guestbook keeps your special messages in one place online, and they will all be saved in one place on your keepsake CD-ROM.
Once I've created my email and phone lists, can I change anything?
Yes. You may add, delete or edit anything on your lists up until the time you call GooGooGram to trigger your announcements to be sent.
What if the line is busy or there is no answering machine?
Our system will try calling the number 3 more times at 15-minute intervals.
What if people on my phone list have Caller ID on their phone?
The call from GooGooGram will show up as your phone number so people know it's from you.
How do I know who's received the phone call?
From the "My Account" page you can check your phone list to see who's received the call (meaning someone picked up the phone or the call was picked up by the answering machine).
Will people get a phone call from GooGooGram at 4:00 AM? What if they're across the country in a different time zone?
When you set up your phone list, you choose the earliest and latest time of day you want people to be called (for example, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM). When you tell GooGooGram to send out the announcement, the system calls your phone list as soon as possible within your chosen time range. You can also choose to have certain people (like your parents) be called right away--which may be 4:00 AM, but it's up to you. Our system does take into account time zones.
Can I have international phone numbers on my call list?
We do not provide international calling at this time. We will offer this in the future.
What if someone loses the GooGooGram email? How do they get to my online announcement and guestbook?
Your guests can access your announcement and guestbook by logging in from our website

Help for GooGooGram account holders
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How do I keep track of how many email and phone contacts I've added?
There is a status bar at the top of the page, below the navigation bar, that has a a Contact List section on the left. Every time you click "Save Contact" the count of how many contacts, emails and phone numbers gets updated.
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